Can I sub-contract jobs from 90 Seconds?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: September 12, 2023

Many Creators in our community work with a team of freelancers themselves, have internal staff or simply need to send someone in their place for a shoot. 

In this event, here are four requirements that must be met:

  1. Any personnel that undertakes work contracted under your account is likewise obligated to the Terms and Conditions, and the Code of Conduct just as you are. It is your responsibility that your sub-contractors are aware of all the policies and procedures which are binding under 90 Seconds’ terms. 
  2. Post a note to the project page with the name of the Creator and contact information (if coordinating shoot locations is involved). It is your responsibility to make sure the Brand is aware who will be arriving on set. 
  3. Make sure the Creator on your team has access to the project page and relevant email address so that real time communication is maintained. 
  4. It is ultimately your responsibility for quality control for all the work that your team delivers. You are required to ensure that your team meets the relevant Service Quality Level specified in the contract. Your team must deliver the same standard of work without exception. 

Remember, all communication must take place on the project page. If a Brand contacts you on WhatsApp, Skype or directly over the phone, direct them back to the platform.