How to rent a Slow Motion Camera

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
How to rent a Slow Motion Camera

Renting a slow motion camera is a great tool for when you need to film a slower scene that still has the clarity of a normal image.

Slow motion cameras work by increasing the frames per second as well as the shutter speed. In a normal video, the frame rate is 24 frames per second and the shutter speed is 1/48. However, in a standard slow motion capture, there are 48 frames per second and the shutter speed is 1/96. This allows a video to be slowed down while still maintaining the clear quality of real time.

Choosing which kind of slow motion camera to rent depends on your needs. Some people might require one for industrial purposes, such as reviewing crash test results or monitoring experiments.

On the other hand, some people might need a slow motion camera for broadcasting a live sports event. Regardless, both of these cases require a higher end camera that takes very fast pictures.

However, if you simply want to film a scene for your movie or capture a special moment on video, then an entry-level piece of equipment will work just fine.

Common uses of a Slow Motion Camera

It’s a good way to highlight the skill, style, and precision of fast-paced athletic activity, as well as watch a replay of a critical moment in a sports game.

It’s a good way to review the results of laboratory experiments, such as crash test, missile launches, or chemical reactions.

It’s a good way to capture and admire natural phenomena, such as a raindrop splattering or animal activity.

It’s a good way to create artistic effects in a film, such as romantic moments or a suspenseful, tense, or stressful atmosphere.

It’s a good way to provide the appearance of steadier footage and smoothing panning in otherwise shaky and unusable shots.

Overall, renting a slow motion camera is easy if you do a little research about which camera meets your needs.

Additionally, you will need to make sure you have enough hard drive space and lighting to accommodate a slow motion camera. Because a slow motion camera captures more frames per second than a normal camera, this increases the amount of storage space you’ll need.

Shooting higher frame rates also means that the shutter speed will increase, requiring you to have more lighting to prevent a grainy or shadowy image. To avoid having problems you might also need to rent a hard drive and lighting set as a supplement to the camera itself.