How to rent a 360 Camera?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
How to rent a 360 Camera?

The term “360 camera” seems straightforward, referring to a camera that films and photographs from every angle.

In fact, there is a wide variation in what such cameras can do, and you must be aware of this before renting. Some cameras have an effective viewing angle of only 240 degrees. You must insert graphics or images from a second camera to fill in the rest.

When taking videos, 360 cameras create new challenges, notably the need to choose between monoscopic and stereoscopic recordings.

Monoscopic cameras render everything in two dimensions, while stereoscopic ones use 2 lenses to create a 3D image.

Finally, different 360 cameras are suitable for photographers with different levels of experience. The simplest ones merely require you to point and shoot, while more complex, expensive cameras have a myriad of shooting options and sync the video directly with editing programs.

No one option is right for everyone, but you should know what type of features you want and how you will use them before you rent a 360 camera.

Common uses of a 360 Camera

Take beach pictures that incorporate the entire shoreline and nearby ocean,

Film city centers, capturing the full flow of traffic and people against a consistent backdrop,

Monitor a sensitive site from a single vantage point, detecting anyone who approaches from every angle,

Film a concert in a way that shows both what the performers are doing and how the audience reacts to them,

Create marketing and employee-training videos that show the inner workings of your office in one consistent shot.