How to hire a freelance 3D Animator?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
How to hire a freelance 3D Animator?

A 3D animator has a crucial job within the video production industry. Because it is their role to seamlessly and effectively make inanimate objects appear to be living and breathing. Like a puppeteer, a 3D animator manipulates people and things that are not alive by infusing them with those elements that make them appear to be so.

It’s true that 3D animators often see life in ways that are outside the norm for other people. However, an effective 3D animator needs to be able to translate what he or she sees into items that meet the needs of the project.

What to look for

Moviegoers today expect to see top-notch 3D animation when they see their favorite shows on the big screen. Check to be sure the person you chose when you hire a 3D animator has the following strengths:

The patience to get it right

The world of 3D animation can run very slowly as it is a precise skill that requires a great deal of patience.

Attention to detail

Being able to tease out the minute nuances of a particular character’s gait as they run or their facial expression is crucial to being able to produce lifelike 3D animation.

A solid background in 3D animation

either through education, hands-on experience or a combination of both.

Questions to ask a potential candidate

Which scene in your portfolio or on your showreel is your favorite? Why do you like it so much?

Looking over their portfolio or showreel is important when you hire a 3D animator. Learning which scene is the person’s favorite provides you with valuable insight into their inner thought process.

How long have you wanted to be a 3D animator?

Because it is such a precise and technical skill, many 3D animators begin experimenting when they are quite young. This provides them with valuable time and experience to sharpen their skills.

Which project do you think you could have done better and why?

The ability to find a project that could be better while also detailing those steps is the mark of a 3D animator who isn’t afraid to grow.

Why should you be hired as the 3D animator for this job?

When the individual names his or her strengths or reasons, you can see if they dovetail with your own.

Do you see yourself still employed as a 3D animator in three years? Five years?

The ability to persevere in an industry that is famous for its ups and downs is crucial to the completion of your project.