Guide to Perfect Virtual Recordings

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: March 18, 2024

In the digital era, virtual presentations are prevalent, demanding a polished approach. Follow these concise tips for flawless virtual recordings:


  • Ensure ample, artificial lighting for a well-lit face and surroundings.
  • Avoid backlighting to prevent underexposed footage.


  • Conduct presentations in quiet, closed-door rooms.
  • Silence devices and close unnecessary applications to minimize disruptions.
  • Use computer audio when possible, but have a backup mobile phone recording ready.


  • Look for clean, uncluttered backgrounds with minimal distractions.
  • Avoid virtual wallpapers and reflective or moving objects.
  • Add subtle elements like plants or books for visual interest.


  • Maintain appropriate distance from the camera and sit with good posture.
  • Ensure a balanced framing with space above your head and visible shoulders and hands.
  • Use hand gestures sparingly to emphasize points.

Screen Sharing

  • Open presentation PDFs and enable screen sharing for synchronized visuals.

Follow these guidelines for professional, engaging virtual recordings that leave a lasting impression.