Revolutionizing your payment process with Hyperwallet

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is Hyperwallet?
  3. What can you expect?
  4. Interested to know more?
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90 Seconds
5 years ago・2 min read

Skip the hassle of communicating back and forth with the finance team and keying in your PayPal details again and again after a video project is completed. Hyperwallet, a more convenient and reliable way is here for you to receive your payments.

What is Hyperwallet?

Introducing Hyperwallet, a brand new payments portal. It aimed to benefit our creator community as they complete video projects on our platform.

First of all, Hyperwallet puts control in the palm of your hand. Equipped with enhanced financial management tools, integrated payments tracking technology, and automated transfer methods, it allows you to choose exactly how to be paid and where to have your payments sent.

On top of that, the new payment platform is also introducing the simultaneous management of multiple accounts. This adds benefits to creators who are engaged in more than one project at any given time to ensure timely payments for their efforts!

The Automation of the payment process with Hyperwallet ensures consistent payment cycles and an improved communication process. This provides clearer information and a smoother payout experience for you.

What can you expect?

Hyperwallet will introduce a dedicated dashboard upon Login, filled with information regarding the status of payment and any impending action items.

You can customize your payment method according to the currency of your choice. Even the management of separate payment processes is in different currencies.

Support is also available on the platform in the form of an FAQ page. It will provide answers and directions for commonly asked questions and concerns, as well as email support.

Interested to know more?

Learn more about how to use Hyperwallet to make the payment process easier for you in our “Getting Started” guide.