Keep the World in motion during COVID-19

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  1. Introduction
  2. If you don't have a chance to watch the video, you can see Tim's message below
  3. Continuous creation during COVID-19
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Tim Norton
4 years ago・3 min read

90 Seconds Founder / CEO Tim Norton addresses the global issue of COVID-19, and how we can work together to feed local creators, keep businesses growing, and keep the world in motion.

If you don’t have a chance to watch the video, you can see Tim’s message below


I’m Tim Norton the founder and CEO of 90 Seconds.

It’s obviously a very challenging time for so many people. The direct health issues aside, tens of countries have major economic challenges and they’re going to last a while. So many countries rely on travel and tourism and international business. With global travel grinding to a standstill, much of the world is at risk of missing out on the global demand and money that powers their everyday lives.

90 Seconds has fed around $75M USD to local creators in nearly 100 countries over the past 8 years. It’s our mission, and we do it everyday. Instead of flying video crews around the world, with the financial and environmental cost of this, 90 Seconds has always been the patron of using and empowering local people and small businesses the world over. In these times, the work and money flowing to people means more than ever to the local population and small business, and we need to keep the world in motion for everyone’s sake. Albeit, with the new no or low travel environment.

On the consumer side, people are less mobilised and spending more time at home. They’re online and they’re on mobile even more, so video content is now more needed and in demand than ever and it’s going to influence learning, buying and customer loyalty.

While as a brand and marketer, you are perhaps constrained to working from home or have limited travel abilities, 90 Seconds has local crews and over 12,000 activated high quality creators, on the ground where your customers and market are, the world over. The 90 Seconds platform lets you organise and run film shoots and video creation all over the world using our apps. It’s all from your laptop and mobile, in the comfort of your own home.

Continuous creation during COVID-19

Our 90 Seconds employees are also located in 10 cities across the globe in Asia, the US, UK and Europe, and the Pacific. If you’re a marketer at a big brand or company, your company has stock market price challenges. It’s facing reduced demand and this affects everyone, from employees to the public at large – with investment pension fund holders and other investments. So you need to do two things, and we’re here to help; You have to manage costs, firstly. To maintain the earnings of your company, costs must come down. And we’ve been saving businesses and brands money, from Apple to Accenture and hundreds of others, on video creation for years.

How we do that? 90 Seconds is a smart internet platform. It saves time and money at every step. Secondly it reduces unnecessary travel and downtime costs. We use local creators, and we do that always. The second thing you need to do is you’ve got to reduce the decline in demand, and retain and look after existing customers. You’re going to have to feed them video content to do it.

You might be travel restrained, and it’s a challenging new world out there for many, but you are not restrained in your ability to shoot and create video anywhere in the world with 90 Seconds. Let’s support your companies, and feed local creators, small businesses and communities at the same time. And let’s keep the world in motion.