Building video into your online advertising campaigns

Table of content
  1. Introduction
  2. Teaser as a sneak peek
  3. Consider the platform(s)
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90 Seconds
7 years ago・3 min read

You’ve just created a shiny new video, or set of videos, which you want the whole world to see. But how do you achieve the best for your content and how do you use it wisely?

Starting with the plan of action, make sure you consider your video during the initial campaign construction process. Shoehorning a video in at the last minute can lead to complications and shortfalls.

Make sure the video follows the look and feel of supporting content throughout the campaign.

Use the same color palettes or styles if the video supported by print or digital assets. They could be microsites, specific web pages, brochures, flyers, articles, etc.

Teaser as a sneak peek

If the primary video is long-form (let’s say 10 minutes) then seriously consider a 10-30 second teaser and/or an introductory 90-120 second short-form version. You can use these in the initial stages of a campaign. They can effectively coax viewers to the primary, long-form version.

Consider the platform(s)

Make sure you consider the platform(s) you wish to embed your content on once produced and live.

It’s easy to just rely on YouTube but video content across social platforms is very integral in today’s online society. Don’t forget Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Have some fun. Inject some personality. You may have a serious message to portray. But don’t assume that you must be regimented and overly conservative.

Want to be remembered and shared? Some creativity out of the comfort zone can do just that.

Video within campaigns is supportive, much like print assets, TV advertising, and billboards are. Remember to use them that way and together, those linked media will push your campaign far.