What is a Pro TikTok Creator?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
What is a Pro TikTok Creator?

Since debuting the global market in 2017, TikTok, a social media app that mainly allows its users to create and share video content in 15-second long clips, has taken the world by storm with its soaring popularity. 

With over 2 billion downloads, TikTok was the 4th most downloaded app in 2019.

As the name suggests, a Pro TikTok Creator produces short-form video content to be published on TikTok. Pro TikTok Creators would be involved in the pre-production till post-production process, should there be additional edits and animations to make. 

They help plan and coordinate the efforts of involved crew members such as On-screen Talent and Camera Operators to essentially produce a TikTok video that is set to go viral. 

Armed with the knowledge of the most current and viral online trends, Pro TikTok Creators are responsible for conceptualising video content tailored to the project’s desired target audience. It is also important for the video content to be aligned with the brand project’s needs as well. 

90 Seconds is currently actively hiring Pro TikTok Creators and here are some of our expectations regarding this role.

Primary roles

Pre-production preparation

During pre-production, Pro TikTok Creators would have to liaise with Production Managers to ensure that everyone is on the same page in terms of understanding the production schedule, financial budget, and resources needed. 

Consulting either Prop Masters or Costume Designers to get a brief overview of the props and costumes that might be needed would also be a responsibility of a Pro TikTok Creator before production begins. 

Should there be a lack in necessary prop resources or costumes, these issues can be resolved prior to production.

Heading the production process

The most important task for a Pro TikTok Creator would naturally be the creation of the TikTok video itself. 

In this production process, the Pro TikTok Creator would have to take into account both the project brief, as well as the current viral trends on such video sharing community platforms. 

Of course, to accomplish this, a Pro TikTok Creator should be familiar with the different features and services TikTok offers. Such technical understanding and expertise can go a long way in ensuring the smooth recording and production of these short-form videos that ultimately encapsulate the project’s creative vision.

Secondary roles

Researching trends

To ensure the viral success of the TikTok videos created, it is essential for a Pro TikTok Creator to understand the general trends and workings of the global TikTok community. To accomplish this, Pro TikTok Creators are expected to conduct relevant research in targeted user interests and communities as well.