How to hire a freelance Pro TikTok Creator?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
How to hire a freelance Pro TikTok Creator?

Hiring a freelance Pro TikTok Creator first starts with the client’s definition of the job scope. Different Pro TikTok Creators might play different roles depending on the project and client expectations. 

For instance, some brands might wish for the creator to be involved in the creative vision and direction of the project, seeing that these Pro Creators know the workings of the TikTok community best. On the other hand, some brands may limit the creator’s role to simply producing and delivering the creative treatments as stated in the brief. Hence, it’s certainly important to clearly define the skills you are looking for upfront before speaking with any candidates.

What to look for

You shouldn’t hire a Pro TikTok Creator without at least having a good, objective look at the prospective candidate’s past work creations and example reels.

Work product speaks volumes with regards to the skill, knowledge and capabilities of the candidate. If the candidate presents previously-produced TikTok videos, you should take note of the number of views and likes garnered. This would best illustrate/be a good gauge of the candidate’s abilities to produce viral and successful short-form video content.

A similar performance across these provided video examples would highlight the creator’s consistent work quality as well. This is to ensure that the candidate is truly skilled in creating short-form video content and their success is not just a simple ‘one hit wonder’.

Get personal

Do not make your hiring decision based on a formal 20-minute interview. Get personal with the candidate and spend some time with the person. The goal is to find out more about the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their interpersonal skills.

That’s going to become apparent in strong candidates who can keep a quality conversation going. They can talk about their work, their education, their goals and most importantly, the lessons learnt from past pitfalls.

As the job of a Pro TikTok Creator is ultimately linked to social media, it would be a good idea for you to quiz the candidate on their thoughts regarding the social media landscape. From here, you can get a measure of the candidate’s stance and passion towards  social media.

Questions to ask a potential candidate

Do you understand the job description we provided and could you explain it to me?

What differentiates you from other Pro TikTok Creators applying for this project?

What are your thoughts regarding the potential of social media?

What would you consider your weaknesses and how do you address them?