90 Seconds Creator Spotlight: Ben Ireland

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7 years ago・4 min read

In many ways, Ben Ireland is an ideal freelancer for 90 Seconds. From the below video you can tell he is passionate about video, technology, and creating great work.

His company, Offshoot Digital, has its own client base and is designed to help brands and agencies produce creative content for all platforms. He views 90 Seconds as a “sweet side hustle” because contracts land in his inbox without having to actually drum up the work.

As a shooter and director, he appreciates that 90 Seconds allows him to work with brands and creatives from around the world. His passion for the latest technology is evident in his work. For Ben Ireland, technology is a tool to help him tell better stories.

Ben has worked on a number of reality shows, documentaries, and TV commercials so he knows the challenges and frustrations of the industry. For him, 90 Seconds is not simply a marketplace for occasional work, it is the future of production – a workflow and a set of tools to manage the whole production process.

He has focused on producing high-quality online video content for a variety of corporate clients as well. His passion is being behind the camera operator but often functions as a director with deep technical experience in audio, lighting, and editing. We asked him a few more questions to help understand what his path to success has looked like:

Did you always know you wanted to be a content creator?

I knew I wanted to be a cameraman since I was 16. I loved being able to tell a story through my pictures. And I think of myself as a content creator or a cameraman/director, I don’t make films.

What was the hardest part about starting your career as a content creator?

I got into the industry very young so people didn’t take me that seriously until I hit my early 20’s. This was a tough patch for me as I knew I could do the job – I just wasn’t getting the opportunities because of my age.

What has helped you get ahead in an industry as competitive as this one?

I decided not to be a part of the “film and tv industry” as I could see my skills were better fit for documentary styled corporate videos. I really enjoying hearing people’s stories so I partnered with a mate of mine and we started Offshoot Digital. Offshoot Digital now partners with and creates content for some of Auckland’s largest marketing agencies. It’s all about knowing what you are good at and sticking with it.

What advice would you give to new creators who want to develop their careers?

Don’t ever say no. Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. Gain as much experience as you can even if you don’t get paid for it. Always have a professional attitude and respect your crew/clients as you never know when you will see or work with them again. Keep up with the latest technology.

What does it take to be great in this business?

Go the extra mile for your clients. So many people just don’t care because they are not doing what they love. Stick with what you enjoy and know you are good at.

What sets you apart as a creator?

Everyday I wake up and love what I do. “Under promise, over deliver” is my personal motto.

You can see more of Ben Ireland’s work on Instagram and connect with him on Facebook.