How to hire a freelance Film Director?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
How to hire a freelance Film Director?

You do not have to be a part of the film industry to need the services of a film director. Typically, the need is a marketing endeavor to promote a product or service.

Other times, it may be a corporate announcement or a chance to share information. Even in everyday life there may be an event such as a wedding or graduation to be filmed professionally as a personal memory for friends and family.

Regardless of the immediate need there are certain attributes to look for in order to hire a director most suitable for the project at hand.

What to look for

Initially the qualifications of the potential director have to have been vetted and confirmed as with any other contractor or employee; but there are certain aspects of the director to consider before deciding which is best for your project.

Creativity and love of the job are essential, practical knowledge of how to incorporate such concepts is even more so. Hiring a director may be a different sort of position than normal hiring of regular employees, but the same traits are valued.

Know what you need

The most obvious need when hiring a director for a video production is to be able to get a message across to an audience. The message may be a fictional story or a promotion of services offered, or a reason why a product is worthwhile for the needs it is intended to fulfill.

Regardless of the message, the purpose of the video is to assure the message is clear and concise so it will be seen and understood.

The ability to reach the audience in terms they understand is equally important toward getting the actual message across.

Whether the message is a service announcement for the general public or part of a marketing campaign for goods, it has to reach the intended audience in such a way as to inform them with the information they need to decide to act toward the intended results being asked of them to perform.

Questions to ask a potential candidate

Where did you learn about film direction, and what do you feel your teachers provided as the best lessons which inspired your successful career?

In what ways have you used your learning in the professional world to make films which attained the needs of your previous clients?

Of the projects you've made professionally, which were your favorites and why did you enjoy making them?

When you approach a project, how do you draw inspiration and incorporate it into your plan for the project?

How do you intend to use your skills and experience for the good of my company in general and for the needs of the immediate project at hand?