Creating a Brand Video for Facebook

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Creating a Brand Video for Facebook

How do you establish the right brand on Facebook? You need to know. Your Facebook brand video is the world’s window into who you are. We all know that as a business we have a brand. This is the face that we consistently try to show to our target customers. Our brand helps these customers recognize us when they see us even for a brief moment, usually in hopes that they will remember to buy whatever it is our brand sells.

Sending the right message through your brand video will help you convert impressions into views and views into sales.

The Research

First, you need to know that research conducted by Neilson, a well-respected independent marketing analyst showed that every impression makes a difference. Even if they never watch your video as it plays while they scroll by, it is still making an impression on them. And not surprisingly, the longer they watch the video, the more likely you are to convert this into a sale.

According to Adobe, consumers are almost 2X as likely to buy from a brand who promoted their brand with video.

So what do your videos say about you? Do consumers recognize your brand and video in a glance? If not, you are missing an opportunity.

Creating a Brand Video for Facebook

Determine your angle

To develop a brand video that works, you need to understand why people are on Facebook.

  1. To Connect with Others
  2. To Define who they are
  3. To Get Information
  4. To be Entertained
  5. To feel like a Part of Something Bigger

As you work toward creating your brand video for Facebook, the video should engage people by keeping why they are here in the forefront of your mind. Which of these 5 can you video leverage to engage the viewer? Can it use more than 1?

Align Your Brand

For the same reasons that you need a style guide to develop a consistent online brand, you brand videos should align stylistically. This could be the first frame, colors used, type of music, type of scene, a crazy look on someone’s face, the camera angle, types of shots used, technique. Whatever these things are, they should be consistent so that even at a glance they know it’s your video and your brand.

Study What Works

Here is a great list of top brand videos along with commentary on what consumers found so enticing about the videos. Some of the top videos demonstrate a brand that:

  • Isn’t afraid to engage our emotions
  • Celebrates everyday heroes
  • Focuses on what customers do besides interact with a brand
  • Take a stand

Have a Plan

Before you develop a brand video, have a plan. What image to you want to convey and is it is line with your brand overall. How can you stay consistent across videos in one campaign? This will help you develop the perfect brand video for Facebook.

Posted 2 years ago | by 90 Seconds

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