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A great effort all round by the whole team from HSBC and our creators across this project. With all the challenges of dealing with a large number of stakeholders, this was pulled through successfully.

Wall Street Journal

Shoot team was fantastic and easy to work with - very efficient, communicative, and showed a lot of initiative. Talent had a positive experience as well. Well done.


90 seconds are always a pleasure to work with. They take direction well and turn things around quickly, to a high standard.


The overall project is in alignment with expectations from the IBM Brand teams. Good job and kudos to the entire team for working and supporting through tight deadlines and patiently working through multiple iterations based on feedback.

WWF Australia

Very fast turn around - briefed, crewed and shot in 1 day! Photos uploaded the next day.

One Championship

The workflow was smooth with the client being updated of every progress on the project.

Moët Hennessy

Great team, seamless process. Just took me a bit at the beginning to understand it and to get to know the platform.


This went quickly - we had a good foundation, but the team also capitalized on time zone differences and the communication tools to move forward and make significant daily progress without waiting on HP.


90 Seconds and Creator were fast in response. Flexible with changes and able to work with our team.


Everyone involved in the production were super responsive and everything was communicated clearly. All the decision makers at Accenture were happy with the final product.


Thank you so much team for all your hard work in making this story come to light. You have fantastic talent. Appreciate the partnership!


90 Seconds were the ideal partner for our video projects - creative, thorough and always there to help. Highly Recommended.


It looks really good! Thanks so much for your creativity and hard work. Appreciate it!


Excellent quality. Even though footage was shot in 3 different cities, it seems like they were all briefed well because the shots were quite consistent. The edit was super strong in making it all look seamless.


90 Seconds were a pleasure to work with and produced a high-quality video for us at the speed of light!


90 Seconds values are built on being the forerunner of technological advancements and providing seamless video making experiences for Brands.

background graphic Quality control

Quality control

With fully-vetted, professional creators, quality assurance and global 24/7 support, 90 Seconds ensures your video is delivered on spec every time.

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background graphic Efficiency & transparency

Efficiency & transparency

Communicate and oversee your entire shoot online, no need to travel.

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background graphic Speed & scalability

Speed & scalability

90 Seconds has a network of over 13,000 rated and vetted professional videographers in over 900 cities.

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background graphic Global reach

Global reach

Borders don’t exist at 90 Seconds. With a network of over 13,800 video professionals spanning more than 160 countries and 900 cities, we have the talent you need, ready to kick start your project anywhere in the world.

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For your area

90 Seconds platform empowers your team across functions and regions to make impactful video content at rapid collaboration.

background graphic Empowering Marketing Teams

Empowering Marketing Teams

Videos have the ability to convey your Brand message and showcase your products or solutions. Our platform and creative network will make and deliver videos that elevate your marketing messages.

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background graphic Enabling Regional Teams

Enabling Regional Teams

Streamline multiple video projects across multiple regions for maximum productivity and attain full visibility and control via a single cloud platform.

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background graphic Empowering Agencies

Empowering Agencies

Grab an advantage over your competition by using a trusted platform to streamline video administration, so your team can focus on the quality production they do best.

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Needs & Solutions

90 Seconds Solutions can be customised to your unique business needs upon brief refinement, combining Service and Content Products.

  • background graphic Immediate turnaround

    Immediate turnaround

    Confidently meet any last-minute video deadline with the 90 Seconds platform and global creative network. Hitting tight deadlines is simple with our 24/7 coverage, whether you need to film new footage or edit existing assets we’ve got you sorted.

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  • background graphic Multiple locations

    Multiple locations

    Mobilize and align teams in different locations so you can capture consistent footage – quickly and affordably. Virtually fly your brand team around the world as they benefit from local crews with local insights.

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  • background graphic Complex & high quality

    Complex & high quality

    Market-leading workflow technology and a global network of creators help you produce intricate videos at professional quality. Watch as you allow the platform to magnify talented individuals into a high-powered team.

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  • background graphic Multiple videos

    Multiple videos

    Scalably produce a set of multiple related videos that maintain consistent tone and branding. Easily reuse related assets to keep your series consistent through our asset manager.

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  • background graphic Remote shoots

    Remote shoots

    Film anywhere in the world, whether you’re there or not. Prep, plan and manage the shoot from afar, as local creatives with experience in the region carry out your vision, with communication streamlined within the platform.

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  • background graphic Budget friendly

    Budget friendly

    With 90 Seconds, “high quality” and “affordable” don’t have to be at odds. No bidding, no waiting, no overspending… With 90 Seconds you know exactly what you’re getting, for how long for and how much it will cost.

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