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Global Reach

Borders don’t exist at 90 Seconds. With a network of over 13,800 video professionals spanning more than 160 countries and 900 cities, we have the talent you need, ready to kick start your project anywhere in the world.

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Shoot in any location

  • Our huge global network of Creators means we have the right team for your project in even the most far-flung corners of the world
  • Our pricing adjusts by location, cutting administrative costs and ensuring you receive the best market rate
  • We have your connection issues covered. The 90 Seconds platform optimises for the fastest upload speed in low-bandwidth environments so your project won’t lose momentum.

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Work without barriers

  • Enjoy the many advantages and cost efficiencies of working with bilingual local teams who know the language, nuances and best shoot locations
  • The 90 Seconds platform sends feedback to each recipient at the right time using intelligent workflow routes
  • Share and review deliverables in the 90 Seconds platform, eliminating the need for long email chains, attachments and the juggling of tools and file types

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Local crews, local knowledge

  • Enjoy the many advantages and cost efficiencies of working with local Creators experienced in the area’s regulations, quirks and best views
  • Choose your shots from our location guides, or simply sketch an idea and leave the rest to a local camera operator or director
  • Pricing is adjusted by region to help you keep your project within budget

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Capture content anywhere in the world

  • Access the best video professionals in the business, anywhere in the world, without leaving home. Maximise your resources by building out a distributed team sourced from our global network of over 13,800 Creators - no travel required.
  • Our end-to-end workflow is designed to ensure transparency and efficient communication, and to achieve consistency across different locations. So your production manager or director of photography can manage multiple shoots from start to finish, without setting foot on a plane.
  • The 90 Seconds platform gives you a complete overview of a task, location or project status at a glance, wherever in the world you are.

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