Standard Walkthrough

Shoot walkthrough format videos that give your viewers a tour of your facility, campus or grounds without ever having to set foot in them. The world's gone digital, so should your experiences.
USD $2,976 - $6,475
Our Standard Walkthrough has a range of pricing options to suit all budgets and requirements.
This product includes:
    Plan Learn more
  • Project Kick-off
  • Run My Creation
  • Shoot Learn more
  • 1 x 5-hour Shoot
  • 1x 90 Elite Camera Operator
  • Edit Learn more
  • 1 x 2-minute video
  • 2 x Edit reviews to implement feedback

Popular add-ons:

Some optional add-ons that you can include to your production.*

On Shoot DirectorOn Shoot Director
For complicated shoots, it is recommended to have a competent director on set to organize and co-ordinate the production to achieve the most optimal effect for the final product.
Sound OperatorSound Operator
Record crisp, clear audio with professional sound recording gear and an experienced operator on set for your interviews and dialogue heavy adverts.
Looking for someone to deliver your message for your company? Choose from our roster of on-screen talent!
Voice overVoice over
From a fun and friendly call to action to a calm soothing voice of reason, a skilled voice-over artist can help guide your audience to reach your desired goal
Key information and statistics can be delivered to your audience in an engaging manner through the use of Graphics and Animation

4.7 Reviews
Reviews 4.7 (713)

  • St John Ambulance New Zealand
    4 Reviews
    Great fast paced, collaborative platform with really creative and talented people
  • ActiveOps
    4.5 Reviews
    Simple and effective way to put together a great video
    4.5 Reviews
    Thanks 90 Seconds - the final videos were fantastic and your project management is first class!
  • Speak Up for Women
    5 Reviews
    90 Seconds provided us with an excellent response time, at a great price and the quality was second to none.
  • Unilever - UK
    4.5 Reviews
    We are very happy with the constantly high quality service delivered by 90 Seconds and look forward to working with you again on future projects
  • Carnival Cruises (AU)
    5 Reviews
    It's such a relief to finally work with a team who can get simple jobs turned around quickly, in a transparent manner and with accurate output in each round!
  • Mettler Toledo
    4.5 Reviews
    Worked with a very professional team. Had an effective and efficient communication and we are very pleased with how the video turned out. Pricing of the video is very reasonable, working within your budget, producing above expected. Thank you so much for all the hardwork put in!
  • Globalroam Pte Ltd
    5 Reviews
    90 Seconds was amazing in helping us produce our first promotional video, their speed and dedication is top notch!
  • Red Points
    5 Reviews
    Amazing video production service, with an amazing team. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for video content.
  • Auckland Design Manual
    5 Reviews
    The 90 seconds team have been awesome. We've been really lucky to work with such a friendly and professional team.
  • Staff Group
    5 Reviews
    The team really brought it!
  • Leti
    4 Reviews
    We would consider trust future assignments to 90 Seconds

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