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Seriously. No one has more pre-qualified professional videographers in 160+ countries. We connect them to you.

Shoot anywhere, anytime

Shoot anywhere, anytime

The competition for your audience’s mind-space has never been greater. Same with the opportunities for market expansion. That’s why you’re going to find yourself needing unique footage from a new region on a tight timeframe.

Don’t get hung up on all the variables and whether you can control them without breaking the bank. This is where we shine.

90 Seconds video production solutions

Shoot videos anywhere in the world, from major cities to the remotest of locations, with our 13,000+ creators located in over 900 cities globally. Whether it's interviewing a worldwide customer base or showcasing office space and business operations across continents, 90 Seconds can help you shoot anywhere, remotely.

Collaborate with your team, everywhere

Collaborate with your team, everywhere

We’ve spent the better part of a decade creating relationships with video experts in 160+ countries, covering the gamut of skills and contexts – handheld, action, drone, and many more.

We save you planning and travel costs with extensive coverage in the the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions, plus remote locations.

Seamless collaboration with talents

Seamless collaboration with talents

All of our vendors are rated. Combine this with our distributed network and our secure collaboration platform, and we can help you land the right talent and coordinate location, schedule and deliverables.

You can collaborate with the talent in real-time – also with teammates on edits and approvals. And we can arrange production talent to achieve 24-hour productivity for quicker publishing.

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Borders don’t exist on our platform; you can easily manage remote video shoots
led by local creators in 900+ cities and beyond.

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