Creative briefing

Allow us to take your idea and build the right roadmap for your video project from the get-go.

 Start with ideation

Start with ideation

  • Not sure you have the right idea for a video? Ideation starts the minute you browse our curated Video Contents Types.

  • Tell us exactly what your video will be for: awareness, interest, commitment?

  • What kind of video and what channels are right for your purpose? A Facebook ad? An Instagram Story? A product explainer edited from a keynote speech? Our ideation process guides you to the answers, and our Producers and professional videographers can deliver anything.

Build the brief through the Marketplace

Build the brief through the Marketplace

  • You choose the style, audience, length, objectives, and other parameters.

  • We return the right briefing template to ensure you’ve got everything covered.

  • Build your brief by adding ideas dynamically, as your team generates them. Drop in videos, images, and links that inspire you.

  • Share your media-rich outline with your team or Producer to guide it the rest of the way.

  • Your creative team ends up with all the details they’ll need to produce the video you want.

Share and scale your brief

Share and scale your brief

  • Automatically send your brief to everyone on the project to ensure consistency and success.

  • Define your brand’s standard style or audience – once – to easily keep future projects aligned.

  • Set common components so you can create a new brief at a moment’s notice.

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