Standard Podcast

Let us create a professional Podcast for your brand to connect with your audience, personalize your brand story, and grow your business. We’ll have an experienced Sound Operator ready to ensure professional Podcast quality to stream and share with your audience.
USD $2,209
Our Standard Podcast has a range of pricing options to suit all budgets and requirements.
This product includes:

Popular add-ons:

Some optional add-ons that you can include to your production.*

Subtitles help to make your video easier to view. Planning to share your video in different international markets? Let our global team of creators help you get your message across!
Creative developmentCreative development
From crafting insightful questions to showcase your company's values, to meticulous planning out every frame and shot for your video, we can help bring your ideas to life!
Voice overVoice over
From a fun and friendly call to action to a calm soothing voice of reason, a skilled voice-over artist can help guide your audience to reach your desired goal
Key information and statistics can be delivered to your audience in an engaging manner through the use of Graphics and Animation

4.7 Reviews
Reviews 4.7 (713)

  • D.O.G
    5 Reviews
    Looking forward to our next projet together. Every detail was timley, professional and most importantly the creative was perfectly targeted!
  • One Room
    5 Reviews
    The whole team worked like a unit toward our aggressive goal for the final version to be ready
  • Barkers
    4 Reviews
    Beautiful footage
  • Eco Store
    4 Reviews
    Overall a pretty good experience, no issues. Pleased with the video.
  • Collect
    5 Reviews
    I was amazed at how quickly we got something of such good quality produced!
  • CPA Australia
    4 Reviews
    90 Seconds are a great resource for quality on budget content production.
  • Akina
    5 Reviews
    Easy, quick and completely hassle free.
  • I AM NZ
    5 Reviews
    Great video thanks so much 90 seconds
  • House of Travel
    4.5 Reviews
    easy, fast and very competitively priced. Love working on the platform as it just brings everything togheter in such a structured way. I felt so across the project the whole way. would absolutley use this serivce again. thanks 90 seconds!
  • Visual Domain
    5 Reviews
    Simple, straightforward, easy, no stress!
  • McKinsey & Company - SG
    5 Reviews
    Excellent, top quality service.
  • Idka
    5 Reviews
    Great team! Efficient, Flexible, and Extremely Patient

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