Standard Directed Advert

Have a skilled director develop a creative treatment, script and storyboard for your 30 second online advertising video. During the shoot, the director will work closely with a gimbal-equipped camera operator and will be responsible for getting the most out of your talent. Your director will provide creative feedback on the video as it's brought to life.
USD $5,206 - $9,868
Our Standard Directed Advert has a range of pricing options to suit all budgets and requirements.
This product includes:
    Plan Learn more
  • Run My Creation
  • Creative Development (with 1 revision round to plan shot list)
  • Shoot Learn more
  • 1x 90 Elite Camera Operator (with 1-hour planning)
  • 1x 90 Elite Director (with 1-hour planning)
  • Edit Learn more
  • 1 x 30-second video
  • 1 x Director edit review

Popular add-ons:

Some optional add-ons that you can include to your production.*

Sound OperatorSound Operator
Record crisp, clear audio with professional sound recording gear and an experienced operator on set for your interviews and dialogue heavy adverts.
Lighting OperatorLighting Operator
Having an experienced lighting professional on set will enhance your video with a soft glow on the talent and product, adding a cinematic quality to the image.
Additional videosAdditional videos
Want to create content for different platforms? You may require multiple edits to suit the duration and aspect ratios of each platform to achieve the best results for your marketing needs.
Additional equipmentAdditional equipment
Additional equipment may be needed to achieve the visual quality you have in mind, from gimbals, sliders to extra camera lenses and gear, we will try our best to fulfill your requests!
Locations permitsLocations permits
Do you have a location in mind for your shoot? We will look into the relevant permits and paperwork required to make your production possible
Subtitles help to make your video easier to view. Planning to share your video in different international markets? Let our global team of creators help you get your message across!
Looking for someone to deliver your message for your company? Choose from our roster of on-screen talent!
Creative developmentCreative development
From crafting insightful questions to showcase your company's values, to meticulous planning out every frame and shot for your video, we can help bring your ideas to life!

4.7 Reviews
Reviews 4.7 (713)

  • Stryker
    5 Reviews
    Fantastic team, product and outstanding communication - 90 Seconds is AWESOME!
  • Australian Hearing
    5 Reviews
    Thanks to the 90 Seconds team for creating an amazing and beautiful video for us. Love it!
  • Snap Chill
    4 Reviews
    Thanks guys you have done a superb job on our project SNAPCHILL
  • DanceBrandz
    4 Reviews
    I loved working with 90 Seconds and would definitely use them again!! Value for money and great video!
    5 Reviews
    A great video, delivered at amazing speed, well done 90 Seconds!
  • AMP Services
    5 Reviews
    Great team to work with and really happy with the result!
  • QBE (AU HQ)
    5 Reviews
    Very happy with the output and quality, thanks everyone!
  • Metro Glass
    4 Reviews
    Good experience, good communication and happy with the outcome.
  • HCF
    5 Reviews
    I'm very proud of this video that showcases our staff and so is our CEO! Thanks to Jess and Dan at 90 Seconds!
  • Norma Larkin
    5 Reviews
    90 Seconds are best thing since Sliced Bread Second to None in my Book Video project Awesome !
  • IBM - APAC
    5 Reviews
    Great team and easy to deal with.
  • Beca
    5 Reviews
    I found the video production experience seamless, easy to use, friendly, fast, efficient and value for money. Well done team!

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