Full Service Motion Graphics Advert

Have a skilled director develop a creative treatment, script and storyboard for your 30 second online advertising video. The director will work closely with a seasoned editor to create your video using a selection of stock footage, on-brand graphics, voice-over and music.
USD $7,692 - $10,524
Our Full Service Motion Graphics Advert has a range of pricing options to suit all budgets and requirements.
This product includes:
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  • Creative Development
  • Storyboard (with 1 x review round)
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  • 1 x 30-seconds voice over
  • 1 x 30-seconds motion graphics video

Popular add-ons:

Some optional add-ons that you can include to your production.*

Additional videosAdditional videos
Want to create content for different platforms? You may require multiple edits to suit the duration and aspect ratios of each platform to achieve the best results for your marketing needs.
Subtitles help to make your video easier to view. Planning to share your video in different international markets? Let our global team of creators help you get your message across!
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