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Typical contract rate:

USD 320 to 920 per contract depending on skill level and experience

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90 Seconds has produced over 53,000 videos and we have taken on projects of all sizes and budgets.

Ensuring a smooth and successful video production is not easy and here’s how Production Managers come into play.

A 90 Seconds Production Manager is core to a successful production and has vital tasks in both pre-production and production processes. Production Managers largely assist in administrative duties and help ensure the seamless production process.

If you are currently a 90 Seconds Creator with experience in video production, do update your profile with the ‘Production Manager’ skill. You can do so by clicking “Apply for more skills” under the Skills section. You can then select the ‘Production Manager’ skill to add to your profile. When there is a relevant project, one of our friendly in-house producers will approach you for a technical activation.

Got questions?

Check out our knowledge pages to understand more about this role.

What is a Production Manager?

A production manager (PM) ensures that production starts and finishes on time and on budget. The production manager is the infrastructure to the production.

They plan, coordinate, organize and control the production crew schedules and activities.

The job starts wi ...

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How to become a Production Manager?

A production manager is a person who takes a lead role in organizing video productions.

They oversee hiring a staff and crew, structuring the company and deciding how finances and resources are efficiently brought into play.

Production managers are among the top p ...

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Brands who have worked with this role

90 Seconds has worked with over 3,500 brands, taken on projects of all sizes and budgets, opening the doors for freelance creators to be part of their dream projects.

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