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90 Seconds is the premiere global video creation platform, enabling brands to create quality videos anywhere in the world. 90 Seconds simplifies the complexity of video production and connects brands to creators globally through a simple, streamlined workflow.

Since its launch in 2010, 90 Seconds has partnered with over 3,000 brands and 12,000 creators, including videographers, film producers and more, in over 160 countries and 550 cities.

Selected videos that we created for Web Summit

Watch selected videos that we created for Web Summit to get inspired for your own video content.

  • 2 Big Lessons in Growing a Cloud Business – Andy McLoughlin, Founder of Huddle – Web Summit Speaker

  • What is The Next Web? – Martin Bryant, Editor in Chief of TNW – Web Summit Speaker

  • 13-year-old Makes an App for Teachers! – Jordan Casey, Founder of TeachWare – Web Summit Speaker

  • A Tribute to Doug Engelbart 1925-2013 – Adam Cheyer, Founder of Siri – Web Summit Speaker

  • What is Microsoft Ventures? – James Maiocco, Director of MS Ventures – Web Summit Speaker

  • The Right Data, Easily Accessible – Andrew Burton, CEO of Logentries – Web Summit Speaker

  • Watch the Fans Footage with Perfect Sound – Cathal Furey, Founder of FanFootage – Web Summit Speaker

  • is coming soon and wants you… – Robin Wauters, Founder of – Web Summit Speaker

  • Happiness Matters to Productivity – Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote – Web Summit Speaker

  • The Last-minute Hotel App! – Sam Shank, Founder of – Web Summit Speaker

  • Are You Treating Your API Like a Product? Oren Michels of Mashery – Web Summit Speaker

  • Make Your Own Video Ad – Grainne Barron, Founder of Viddyad – Web Summit Speaker

  • The Future of Payments – John Lunn – PayPal – Web Summit London 2013

  • Supporting and Funding Inventors – Pablos Holman – Web Summit London 2013

  • The next big tech opportunity, the internet of things – Alex Hawkinson – Web Summit London 2013

  • What is Google Campus? Invite for start up community – Eze Vidra – Web Summit London 2013

  • Granting a wish with an app built on an API – Oren Michels – Web Summit London 2013

  • How to succeed on Kickstarter, Alex Hawkinson of SmartThings – Web Summit London 2013

  • Enterprises Crying Out for Innovation – Tim Kay – Web Summit London 2013

  • Don’t outsource your culture, scale as a startup team – Gray Chynoweth – Web Summit London 2013

  • Turning a big data cost centre into a revenue generator, Connor Murphy – Web Summit London 2013

  • Working with apps in the Commercial space – Beat Schwegler – Web Summit London 2013

  • Accessing Stanford University content for free – Andrew Ng – Web Summit London 2013

  • Swapping and trading for Students – Riham Satti & Vivek Doraiswamy – Web Summit London 2013

  • Finding relevant events leveraging Social Media – Renaud Visage – Web Summit London 2013

  • Print still resonates in the tech community – Jennifer Schenker – Web Summit London 2013

  • Sender pays email, Caveat Sender! Esther Dyson – Web Summit London 2013

  • Mass Participation to solve traffic problems – Di-Ann Eisnor – Web Summit London 2013

  • Paypal Chip and Pin device – John Lunn – Web Summit London 2013

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