How 90 Seconds works for Google?

At 90 Seconds, we partner with brands to produce compelling videos every day to help them achieve their business goals. For Google, this involves ensuring brand consistency and maximizing value for every video created, to name a few.

Read on to understand how we provide marketing solutions through video creation for Google.

How Google showcases their solutions for global brands through video?

Working with a global brand like Nespresso, our expert video creators did the traveling for Google and facilitated two interview video shoots in the UK and Belgium across Nespresso's offices.

We pieced together these footage with existing ones to create a case study video that explains how Google works for Nespresso in their regional marketing efforts. Using a multi-location interview video, Google is able to showcase how they work across multiple locations for global brands.

Google - Nespresso Case Study

How Google maximizes their video footage?

With the increased popularity of social media, video marketing on social channels has become a key consideration in video creation. For Google Chromebook, we maximized their existing footage to create multiple videos of various length output, allowing them to be distributed to different social channels according to their optimal video length.

By repurposing their video footage, we ensured that Google Chromebook is able to reach their audience more effectively on different channels.

Google - Chromebook UGC (30-sec)

How Google ensures brand consistency in video creation?

We make video creation easy for brands like Google, connecting creators with different skillsets to create videos from ideation to animatiors.

For Google REWS, we created a 3-minute animation video, adhering to their brand and style guidelines throughout the video creation process to ensure brand consistency.

Google REWS - Animation on Googler Orientation

Video content types that Google often uses