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90 Seconds is the premiere global video creation platform, enabling brands to create quality videos anywhere in the world. 90 Seconds simplifies the complexity of video production and connects brands to creators globally through a simple, streamlined workflow.

Since its launch in 2010, 90 Seconds has partnered with over 3,000 brands and 12,000 creators, including videographers, film producers and more, in over 160 countries and 550 cities.

Selected videos that we created for Focal Attractions

Watch selected videos that we created for Focal Attractions to get inspired for your own video content.

  • Machine Learning: What it Means for Marketers

  • Don’t Forget The Data: It’s Time to Rethink The Creative Process in Advertising

  • International Speaker: Not Another Rollercoaster – How VR and Other Technologies Will Apply to Mar

  • International Speaker: How to Go Viral in Indonesia

  • International Speaker: It’s Not a Brand New World, It’s a New Brand World

  • Lifting the Lid on Asia’s Best Campaigns

  • New Research: The Truth About Trust

  • The Paradigm Shift in Data Privacy: A Matter of Life, Death and Marketing

  • VR is Not a Good Idea, It’s Not Even an Idea

  • International Speakers: Merge – The Closing Gap Between Technology & Us

  • International Speaker: Advertising in 2030 – The Mega-Trends That Will Shape The Industry’s Futu

  • Asian Nation: The Power of Personalisation for Brands

  • International Speaker: Creating TV Advertising that Sticks

  • Bridging the Opportunity Gap: The Secret to Launching a Data-Driven Approach in China

  • Creativity with a Conscience: Advertising to Young Children

  • The Astrophysics of Location-Based Advertising

  • Lifting the Lid on Asia’s Best Campaigns

  • Don’t Be a Chameleon – How Marketers Create Consistency Across Multi-Region Markets

  • Lunchtime Debate: Bridging the Gap Between Marketing & Sales: Lessons from Huawei, IBM & Accenture

  • International Keynote: Does The Public Relations Industry Really Get Storytelling?

  • Lunchtime Debate: The Future of the CMO in Asia

  • Are Brand Cops Destroying Meritocracy of Great Ideas?

  • It’s the Innovation, Stupid!

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence for Marketers: Move First or Risk Being Left Behind

  • International Speakers 1100 When Failure is the Industry Norm, How Do You Do Content Marketing Well?

  • The Pursuit of the Shot: Lessons in Content Marketing

  • International Speaker:Brand Safety and Advertising in an Era of Fake News

  • Creating Brand Credibility Outside of Your Natural Space

  • Stop Marketing. Start Engaging: The Five New Rules for Savvy Marketers

  • Fraud Wars – Taming The Dark Side of Mobile Advertising

  • Who do They Trust? How is Technology Impacting Who and What Consumers Trust in Today’s Cynical Wor

  • The Golden Rules of Marketing in China – Tapping into the White Space

  • International Speakers: How to Talk to Brand Tribes on Dark Social and Beyond

  • Growth Hacking for Marketing Success

  • Creating Loyalty in an Age of Disloyalty

  • Unlock The Ingenuity of Your People – The Four Practices of Performance-Multiplying Marketing Lead

  • The Unexpected Power of Smell and What it Means for Marketers

  • International Speaker: Meet The Centennials – Why Kids Are Going to Destroy The Internet as We Kno

  • International Speaker_Ageism In Advertising-Overcoming the myths

  • Local Versus Regional_How Can Brands Spend Their Marketing Dollars Efficiently And Effectively

  • International Speaker – The Lie Detector Test

  • International Speaker and New Research Reaching a Distracted but Resilient Audience in Asia

  • Mumbrella 360 Asia 2017 Opening Session

  • MMA Versus eSports: Who Will Win the Marketing War in This Clash of the Titans?

  • Grab The Journey From Start-Up to Billion Dollar Unicorn Company in Just Four Years

  • Influencers, Experts and Celebrities: Who’s Really Endorsing Your Brand?

  • International Speaker: Client-Agency Behaviour. What’s Acceptable and What’s Not.

  • Mumbrella Asia Question Time

  • M360 | Benjamin Moir Interview

  • M360 | Iain Twine Interview | Edelman

  • M360 | Keith Hernandez Interview | Buzzfeed

  • M360 | Matt Hertig Interview | Alight Analytics

  • M360 | Matthew Godfrey Interview | Y&R

  • Mumbrella 360 | Day 2 Highlights Reel

  • Mumbrella360 – Day 1 Highlights Reel

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