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Creator Recruitment – Production Manager

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90 Seconds is currently actively hiring Production Managers.

90 Seconds has worked with over 3,500 brands and we have taken on projects of all sizes and budgets. Ensuring a smooth and successful video production is not easy and here’s how Production Managers come into play. 

A 90 Seconds Production Manager owns an entire project from the beginning to the end. You have the freedom to work with brands of your choice in terms of genre. You can also choose to collaborate with creators across the world or within your own community. Essentially, you will help support 90 Seconds’ Internal Production Service Team.

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90 Seconds is currently actively hiring Production Managers. For more information, do continue reading on and check out the relevant articles.

Be a 90 Seconds Production Manager 

A 90 Seconds Production Manager (PM) is the infrastructure to the production to ensure that production starts and finishes on time and budget and manages an overall seamless schedule flow of the cast and crew involved. As a PM, you plan, coordinate, organize, and control the production crew schedule and activities. 

During pre-production preparation, you would help lead discussions over the production schedules, locations, equipment, and resources are necessary to complete the project. During production, you would also work closely with the producer and assistant director to break down a script for purposes of scheduling and budgeting. 

To accomplish this, you would need a wealth of experience because you are involved in every facet of the business and creative process to some degree. Ideally, you should have great interpersonal skills and financial management experience. 

What are you waiting for? Join us as a 90 Seconds Production Manager and create quality content for big brands everywhere today. 

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90 Seconds
Shoot anywhere in the world.